What Tie Knot is Right for Me?

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The Four-in-Hand is a slightly asymmetrical and tight knot.  Considered the most versatile tie knot, it’s acceptable to use with any type collar, but best suited for a straight, tab or buttondown. View our post How to Tie a Tie: Four-in-Hand Knot.

The Windsor is a big and chunky tie knot.  Best when used with a wide spread collar shirt, perfect for a Windsor Spread or English Spread collar.  View our post  How to Tie a Tie: Windsor Knot.

The Half Windsor is a solid, balanced tie knot. It is a slightly smaller knot than the Windsor. Best when used with a spread collar shirt, perfect for a Windsor Spread or Park Avenue Spread collar. View our post How to Tie a Tie: Half Windsor Knot.

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