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When to Find a Tailor versus a Dry Cleaner

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Some alterations to your Suits, Sportcoats and Trousers, will always be necessary, unless by sheer luck you happen to be the exact size of our fit model. And though it’s painful to admit, your waistline does tend to expand and contract (hey, at least it occasionally contracts).

So having someone on hand to do your alterations is necessary to feel comfortable (pants neither too loose nor too tight) and look your best. And since you already have a neighborhood dry cleaner who probably does alterations as well, it’s tempting to use them as a one-stop shop.

But we’re here to advise against… Continue>>

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Sportcoats: Finding The Style That Fits You Best

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When it comes to talk of tailored clothing, suits seem to get all the attention. Yet legendary dressers like Fred Astaire and Luciano Barbera— not to mention your humble author here, who has the same preference though is slightly less legendary — have often preferred sportcoats.

Why? The reasons are plenty:

  • Sportcoats allow you to dress up but still retain a relaxed nonchalance
  • They tend to be more softly constructed than suits
  • They offer greater creative possibilities in mixing and matching with trousers
  • And finally, sportcoats tend to come in bolder patterns, such as windowpanes on top of

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How to Properly Fit a Suit Jacket or Sportcoat

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It bears repeating: Fit is the most important thing when it comes to tailored clothing. A man will make a poor impression in even the most expensive suit if it doesn’t fit properly, while a man dressed in a modestly priced suit — but one that fits him perfectly — can look like a million bucks.

It’s precisely because we know how important fit is to looking and feeling your best that we based our company slogan on it. And it’s also why you can exchange any item at no charge until you find the fit that’s best for you.

Still, you can’t expect something off-the-rack to fit perfectly, which is why the… Continue>>

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Selecting Your Suit Fabric

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When it comes to suiting fabrics, it’s easy to think of wool at one end of a spectrum and cotton at the other. In this line of thinking, wool is only for fall and winter (except for those dullards who think wool is the only fabric appropriate for business and sweat in it all through July and August), and cotton is only for summer.

In fact this couldn’t be more untrue, as the type of fabric is meaningless until you qualify it with weight and weave.

So heavyweight cottons like corduroy, cavalry twill and moleskin are actually cold-weather fabrics, while wool can come in weights as low as five ounces and… Continue>>

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Holiday Gifts Fit For a King

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A man’s home is his castle — at leSnowflake Zip Mock Lambswool Cardigan ast some of the time. So when it’s time to shop for the men in your own royal family, try these distinctive gifts with Old World appeal.

Castles get cold in the winter, so cover his feet in slippers fit for a king. Our Velvet Emblem Closed Back Slippers  will keep him warm while the embroidered crown reminds him he’s tops in your world.

Patterned in the Royal Stewart family tartan, our Tartan Flannel Pajama Set  makes a stylish choice for… Continue>>

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What To Look For In A Suit:

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Finding the right suit can be both challenging and time consuming. Below we’ve focused on three major elements that separate one suit from another: Construction, Fabric, and Fit.
There are two methods of constructing a suit jacket. The first is called a canvas construction. Better suits use this kind of tailoring – a layer of canvas sewn into the jacket between the exterior cloth and lining that gives it shape, structure, and strength – shaping the suit from the start, and also having a memory for your shape. The second, fused construction, consists of the interlining adhering to the exterior fabric through a heating process – it is essentially glued.
While suits

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