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Gatsby-Esque Fashionable Today

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When Nick Carraway tells Jay Gatsby he can’t repeat the past, the doomed idealist insists “Of course you can!”

That exchange, direct from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, is drawn out for even more dramatic effect in Baz Luhrmann’s new glitz-loaded adaptation, which opened May 10. And how appropriate, as we’re in total agreement withMen's White Two-Button Suit the Gatz: When you see the sartorial splendor of the film, which is set in 1922 New York, you too will want to repeat the past.

“The Great Gatsby” is loaded with the kind of style we love: Double-breasted and three-piece suits, two-tone shoes, all kinds of… Continue>>

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Top 4 Reasons to Shop Paul Fredrick this Holiday

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4.  Better & easier than ever before. 

Want to buy the whole look?  It’s easy. Now you can use our matching items section (on the product page) to quickly purchase other pictured items.

What does it look like on?  New videos featuring How to Dress For Business Casual and What to Look for in Quality Suits feature top-rated Paul Fredrick products.  They not only are educational, but also allow you to see items from all sides to understand how they are cut, drape and move. Look for more product videos to come soon.

Need help with gift ideas?  We’ve put together some … Continue>>

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In the News: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – 5/31

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Paul Fredrick will be featured in an upcoming article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution which discusses why some men are paying more attention to their wardrobes as a way to combat against employment uncertainty at their workplaces.

As the article mentions, many men are placing a focus on wardrobe staples: neckwear, suits and basic white or blue dress shirts.

“People are dressing up because they want to show the boss they are engaged,” said Tom Darrow, founder of Atlanta-based Career Spa, a career counseling and job recruitment firm. “They are dressing like they mean it.”

We have been hearing a lot of similar feedback from our customers. View our post, “10 Tips for a Successful Business Wardrobe” for more advice on this topic… Continue>>

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In the News: The Wall Street Journal – 5/28

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Paul Fredrick’s VP of Merchandising, Dean White was quoted in yesterday’s WSJ. It’s a great article discussing how the color pink is going to be a leading color for Fall menswear. Dean discusses the increasing popularity of pink ties among Paul Fredrick customers.

Read the article online [WSJ.com]… Continue>>

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