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Our Favorite New Additions

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Non-Iron Supima® Cotton Dress Shirts Supima

This season, we debuted our brand new Supima® cotton dress shirts. Supima® cotton is a type of Pima cotton that is grown exclusively here in the United States! It is superior to standard cotton in three ways – durability, softness, and color retention. As compared to other types of cotton, Supima® cotton is more durable and more resistant to shrinkage, pilling, ripping, and puckering along the seams. Also, Supima® cotton retains its softness in both look and feel, even after repeat washings. Due to the superiority of the fibers in Supima® cotton, the fabric better absorbs the dye and therefore its color is more brilliant and long-lasting than with garments made from other types… Continue>>

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Spring Pairings: Bring New Life to Your Wardrobe in 2015

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Spring is a time of new life and bold colors: trees are budding, flowers blooming, the sun makes everything look brighter. Why shouldn’t you take on a fresh look as well? We’ve put together some pairings from our Spring Collection to help display the potential springtime has to offer.

Walk in Like a Lion

You know what they say about the month of March, as if being cold and fierce were the only aspects of being a lion. Well, lions are noble creatures, and wherever they go, the other animals stop and pay attention. We don’t have any golden manes in our Spring Collection, but a pearl grey suit made of pure wool will give you the same regal… Continue>>

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What’s New In Men’s Fashion: Spring 2014

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What’s new this season? Well, just about everything…

No worries, we’ve still got our well appointed collection of classic business essentials, but our new collection of dress shirts, ties, shoes and more has got us all excited here at Paul Fredrick. So rather than waiting for things to warm up outside, we’ve got Spring in full swing right now. Check out our fresh assortment of polished choices and gear up for a new season right around the corner. It somehow makes the temperature outside feel just a little less cold.

Here we prefer to put our money where out mouth is. Our half century dress shirt legacy speaks for itself, all stitched into over 175 new style and pattern choices to fit every… Continue>>

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What’s New In Men’s Suits & Sport Coats – Fall 2013

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Somewhere along the sartorial timeline, hordes of men became convinced that blue and grey were the only acceptable colors for suits.   If you’re reading this, odds are you’re not stuck in that narrow mindset.  Still, we’d like to encourage those whose suit wardrobes are a bit basic to consider broadening their horizons, as well as assuage those who embrace color and pattern that we’ve got you covered.  This fall our campaign against the ordinary includes earth tones such as chocolate brown and olive. We’ve given brown a shot of elegance and formality by rendering it in a double-breasted pinstripe model, as well as a single-breasted version with subtle lavender stripes.

Brown also shows up in our country-gent inspired sport… Continue>>

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New Dress Shirt Trends – Fall 2013

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French Cuff Non-Iron Dress ShirtAs the sweltering summer continues, we bring you a new collection of shirts and ties, helping us remember that the crisp fall air will be here before we know it.   With these new offerings we have everything you could want from textured shirting fabrics to rich patterns and colors to pair with your favorite autumn suits and jackets; fall is when we re-embrace the sophisticated complexity of the well rounded wardrobe.

We’re always refining our merchandise based on what most resonates with our customer, and most of you guys are asking for more variety in the non-iron department. Our pickins have never been slim, but this season we’ve harvested a non-iron bounty you surely won’t find at any of our competitors. … Continue>>

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Summer 2013 Fashion Trends for Men

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Men's Cotton & Linen Sport ShirtWith today’s high-tech lightweight wools, you can wear the same suit for most of the year and still be comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you have to look the same, as your shirts, ties and other accessories can express the changing seasons through the use of color.

And at no other time is that more fun than in summer, when all the bright shades that first dawned in spring get amped up even more, and fun fabrics like madras and seersucker take their place in the sun.

Not only does season-specific color sharpen your look, it’s also a budget-conscious… Continue>>

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