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Custom Dress Shirts

There is nothing more satisfying than finding the exact shirt you’ve been looking for. But how often does that really happen? Through Paul Fredrick’s Custom Made Dress Shirt program you can indeed design exactly the shirt you want – it’s like going to the tailor, except without paying thousands! The process only takes a few minutes; it’s just four steps to personalize your dress shirt, so you can do it anywhere, anytime. Why not get started right now?


Here’s what to expect when you’re designing your dress shirt:


Step One: Pick Your Measurements

First, select your collar size – we offer sizes 14 through 22, and your sleeve length – lengths 28 through 40 inches or short… Continue>>

Our Top Picks from the Fall 2015 Collection


It’s difficult to choose between our more than 450 brand new styles from the Fall 2015 Collection, but someone had to do it! We spoke with our buyers to find out which items from the Collection are at the top of their lists.


Dress Shirts

Our Dress Shirt buyer, Michael, told us that his top pick for the season is the Blue Shadow Stripe Dress Shirt. Featuring a straight collar, luxurious silk contrast trim and mitered French cuffs that beautifully showcase the trim, this shirt has a subtle flair that our customers will love.





Tailored Clothing

Our… Continue>>

What Collar Style is Right for Me?

The basic rule is to maximize your fit, style, and comfort by choosing a collar based on the shape of your face.

There are 3 basic face shapes:  Angular, Oval, and Round.

If you take a look in the mirror you should be able to identify which shape belongs to your face.  If you’re having trouble, ask someone else for his/her input.

Angular (Triangular, Narrow, Long)

 If you’re tall and/or thin you may have an angular or narrow face and it’s best for you to look for a spread collar—low and wide.  Avoid a straight collar.   A spread collar will soften angles or visually shorten a long, narrow face.