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In the News: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – 5/31

Paul Fredrick will be featured in an upcoming article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution which discusses why some men are paying more attention to their wardrobes as a way to combat against employment uncertainty at their workplaces.

As the article mentions, many men are placing a focus on wardrobe staples: neckwear, suits and basic white or blue dress shirts.

“People are dressing up because they want to show the boss they are engaged,” said Tom Darrow, founder of Atlanta-based Career Spa, a career counseling and job recruitment firm. “They are dressing like they mean it.”

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In the News: The Wall Street Journal – 5/28

Paul Fredrick’s VP of Merchandising, Dean White was quoted in yesterday’s WSJ. It’s a great article discussing how the color pink is going to be a leading color for Fall menswear. Dean discusses the increasing popularity of pink ties among Paul Fredrick customers.

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