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Top 4 Reasons to Shop Paul Fredrick this Holiday

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4.  Better & easier than ever before. 

Want to buy the whole look?  It’s easy. Now you can use our matching items section (on the product page) to quickly purchase other pictured items.

What does it look like on?  New videos featuring How to Dress For Business Casual and What to Look for in Quality Suits feature top-rated Paul Fredrick products.  They not only are educational, but also allow you to see items from all sides to understand how they are cut, drape and move. Look for more product videos to come soon.

Need help with gift ideas?  We’ve put together some … Continue>>

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New Features at

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How to tie a half windsor knotUntil the Paul Fredrick catalog comes with 3-D glasses (and there aren’t any plans for it) there are certain things you just can’t do with print. And while we love flipping through our catalogs as much as you do, there are some great new innovations happening at

Tops on the list are new videos featuring our expert advice on men’s dressing.  Need a refresher on How to tie a Half-Windsor knot, or How to tie a Four in Hand knot? Help with… Continue>>

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