Quality Shoes: A Smart Investment

The rest of your outfit can look like a million bucks, but all can be for naught with a pair of cheap shoes. Good shoes will last for years. And, things like old world craftsmanship and Italian leather make a difference you can not only see, but also feel. Our footwear is designed with three things in mind: comfort, style and value. The finest material and hand-finished detail, ensure the highest level of quality. Quality equals comfort. While we are all for classic, updated detail makes for a more distinctive statement while not compromising timeless appeal. And, finally, offering it to you at a price that is not only affordable but surprisingly affordable. Plus, we’ve got a diverse selection of matching belts so you can finish your look seamlessly.

Dress Shoes

The vast majority of dress or business shoes fall into one of two categories. First, oxfords are any lace-up that does not go above the ankle. Probably the two most common oxfords are cap toe and wing tip, which simply refers to the way the shoe is finished around the toe. Penny, tassel and monk strap is three common styles of the second category which is loafers or slip-ons. While considered somewhat less dressy, both oxfords and loafers are appropriate choices for business wear.

Classic Wear Guide

A couple simple rules of thumb when getting dressed:

  • Black and burgundy are good with almost any black, navy or grey suit.
  • Brown works well with tans and navy.
  • Shine your shoes. A little polish goes a long way.
  • Match your socks to your pants unless it is a lighter color. Then it is often better to match you socks to the color of your shoes.
  • Your belt color should always match your shoes.
  • Better shoes last longer. An investment that pays for itself over time.


  1. Now I know. Thanks PF.

  2. I found the information very helpful and very beneficial. Pls continue to keep me in the loop.

  3. Always a professional staff to make shopping easy. Quailty is A-1.

  4. Quality and Maintenace is the main concern when it come to a pair of shoes.

  5. is true. But it is hard to say that one certain shoe is the best. If it was the best, evnoryee would be wearing them. This is why they make so many different kinds of shoes. It is all personal preference.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Tamjeed!

  7. I would like to know,who makes your shoes.

  8. We have a talented group of people in our in-house Merchandising Department, who design all of our merchandise specifically for Paul Fredrick. We have several manufacturers that create the items, to our exact specifications.

  9. would like to purchase how much , where can I purchase

  10. Leon, thank you for your interest! While we no longer have that specific shoe in stock, here are some similar styles: https://www.paulfredrick.com/search/woven/categories=shoes. You can view all of our current shoe styles here!

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