Festive Fashion: Dressing for Holiday Parties

Velvet Dinner JacketPreppy guys have always known how to inject a touch of whimsy to their dress without looking foolish. After all, it takes savoir-faire to pull off a pair of lime green trousers embroidered with lobsters.

The way they do it is by following a certain formula: Only one eccentric item per outfit, with everything else standard kit.

This is a great approach to take when breaking out the festive attire for holiday parties. Pair one “party” item with the regular workhorses from your wardrobe, and you’ll have the perfect combination of holiday style with relaxed nonchalance.

For classic elegance with a nod to the United Kingdom, try our Tartan Plaid Trousers, which you can pair with a navy blazer, or even substitute them for your tuxedo pants in a black-tie ensemble (very Scottish). Same for our Plaid Wool Lapel Vests, which look distinguished with a blazer and grey wool/cashmere flannel trousers.

Speaking of blazers (so named for their blazing colors), warm the winter nights in our blazing Holiday Red Sport Coat, which pairs great with charcoal trousers and a discreet necktie. Or play off one of our festive holiday silk ties against a tweed sport coat or Oxford Weave Sport Coat, or one of our Velvet Sport Coats against dark denim. The most stylish dressers know how to combine flair with restraint.

So add some flair when it comes to your holiday-party dressing; and some restraint when it comes to the eggnog.


  1. Go to your favorite search engine, search “hms blazer”. Scroll down to “images for hms blazer”. Click on the picture of the striped sportcoat to get a good explaination of blazers. After all these years its still a high class item.

  2. Thanks for the information, Mike!

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