Men’s Spring Apparel – Classic & Stylish

What does “tradition with a twist” mean?

We’ve said it before: Great style has something of the moment and something that’s timeless. This is reflected in all Paul Fredrick clothing, and bears repeating. We carefully merchandise each season’s collection to give you the widest possible range of choice to find your own style, with a discerning eye for apparel that is timely without being trendy.

Our clothes have a relevancy that will give you the confidence of being “on the ball,” but without a six-month expiration date that starts ticking the moment you open the package. And with our fit guarantee and quality standard, everything you choose can be worn for years to come.

So what does tradition-with-a-twist actually mean when put into play? Mostly it’s about staying true to basic forms and just giving the details a twist.


  1. Re: D-ring trousers are so comfortable….I hope PF will consider doing D-ring trousers in linen for Spring and Summer, plus a fine-wale corduroy for year-round. If the corduroys were machine washable,and the colors looked great as they faded over time, we would have a great pair of trousers for a fall football game or a summer evening sail. I would replace them as they aged, but keep the older pairs for casual wear…sailing, barbecues, etc.. They are comfortable, and look great with polos, sweaters and deck shoes. Thanks for your consideration. Wm Sutro

  2. @ William – We appreciate hearing your feedback and are glad that you like the D-ring trousers!

    Your suggestions have been forwarded to our Merchandising department and we will definitely take this into consideration when creating future collections.

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