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Double Breasted Seersucker SuitPerhaps because seersucker has a slightly flamboyant name — instead of a monosyllable like “twill” — some guys may be a little intimidated by it.  If it had a bland name, instead of an Anglicized version of the Persian shir o shakar, which means “milk and sugar,” would more men look at it differently?

Make no mistake, seersucker is as classic as it gets.  But like all clothing, it really comes down more to how you choose to wear something rather than what you choose to wear.

So it really takes no special flair to pull off seersucker. The fabric is about as versatile as it gets.  A classic combination of blue and white goes with basically everything.  After all, what two colors are easier to match? What’s more, the lightweight cotton fabric will keep you cool in both senses of the word.  And when it comes to formality, seersucker can take you from an outdoor wedding to a barefoot stroll on the beach.

This season we’ve got a full array of seersucker options: No less than four color choices and all sorts of mix and match possibilities.

In our separates program, we have two outstanding models that are debonair personified: a double-breasted suit jacket, and a single-breasted with optional vest for a rakish three-piece suit in seersucker.  Now that’s something you don’t see every day.  Accessorize these two formal outfits with your finest shirts, ties, shoes, cufflinks and pocket squares.  A mint julep is optional.

A step down in formality with delightfully unexpected twists are our single-breasted model with one-button closure and side vents in both tan and black — so distinct people will think you had it custom-made.

And whether you decide to go with our separates program or combined suit, feel free to wear the jacket and trousers on their own. Unlike a sober business suit, seersucker suits break apart just fine. Pair the trousers with a polo shirt and navy blazer, or wear the jacket over white trousers for a classic summer look.

And don’t be afraid to mix up the formality, too. The double-breasted suit jacket looks terrific with jeans, an open-collared white shirt, and driving moccasins with no socks.


  1. I just wanted to concur with all comments on the Seer Sucker Suit. I own six of them and they are one of the most versitle suits I own. They’re practically maintenance free, keep you cool and never fail to set me apart whenever I decide to wear one. In my opinion every man should own at least one.

  2. This style used to be a Summer staple. After last year it seems to have regained it’s respect and fashion to stylish gents. Not only suits, but trousers & shorts as well! Has been a staple for me for years!

  3. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Wil and Teddy!

    We are happy to hear that you are both fans of Seersucker.

  4. Could anyone suggest color and style of footwear for the blue and white Seer sucker suit?

  5. Great question, Dirk!

    We recommend wearing a brown or a cordovan colored shoe with our blue seersucker suit. Please click on the links below to see a few examples of what style shoe we recommend.

    Italian Spectator Shoe

    Italian Leather Performance Oxford Shoe

    Italian Leather Woven Oxford Shoe

    If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know!

  6. Could you suggest a nice tie and footwear for the black seersucker suit on your website. The tie on the picture matches beautifully but is not in stock. Thanks

  7. Will someone please tell me the name of the model on Paul Fredrick’s summer catalog. I see him everywhere, and he is super sharp!!!

  8. Thank you for your question, princess!

    We agree that the model on the cover of our Summer catalog is very sharp; however, we are not able to disclose his name.

  9. Good information….I have two s/s…….stylish all the way

  10. Thanks for sharing, Jazz!

  11. What is a good shoe for a red and white seersucker suit? I was thinking a black and white specatator or loafer. Any thoughts?

  12. Great question, Bryan!

    You could actually wear either black or brown shoes with the red and white seersucker suit. It is really a matter of personal preference as to which color you like better with the suit.

    Our Spectator shoe in either grey or brown would be perfect for the seersucker suit. To view this shoe, please click here.

    If you prefer to stay with shades of black/grey but do not wish to wear a Spectator shoe, we would recommend a Monk Strap shoe – such as our item #FPF107D in grey or item #FSF101D in black.

    If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know!

  13. Do you know where I can get a tan or darker khaki seersucker, preferably a 3-piece?

  14. Thank you for your inquiry, JBrown! Unfortunately, we do not have a tan or darker khaki seersucker suit available at this time.

    I viewed a few different websites and was unable to locate a darker tan or khaki seersucker suit. Most clothing companies, including us, are getting ready to introduce their new collections for the Holiday season. Seersucker is usually only offered in the Spring and Summer seasons.

    I’m sorry we were unable to provide you with what you were looking for. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

  15. Will you be offering your full line of seersucker suits again in 2012?

  16. Thank you for your question, Matt! We will be offering our full line of Seersucker suits again in our upcoming Summer Collection, which will be introduced on our website and in our catalogs in mid-April.

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

  17. I’m heading to a wedding and need some advice on a seersucker question. I want to wear my jacket (white/blue stripe) with dark navy blue pinstripe trousers. Does this work? It looks like it does but I always like a second opinion on my first attempt combos.

  18. Thank you for your question, Josiah!

    We do not recommend mixing the stripe of the Seersucker jacket with a different striped trouser as this unfortunately will not be the best match. When choosing not to wear the matching Seersucker suit trousers, your best option will be to wear a solid pair of trousers.

    If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know!

  19. Would a brown/cognac colored shoe go with a gray/white seersucker suit?

  20. I have a tan and white seersucker suit. I am looking for a good shirt and tie combination. was thinking some sort of ligther green shirt and not sure about tie. Any suggestions?

  21. Thank you for your question, John! A pair of cognac colored shoes would certainly be acceptable to wear with a grey/white suit.

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

  22. Thank you for your question, Joe! Unfortunately, we do not have a solid green dress shirt available at this time.

    It is difficult to make suggestions without seeing the exact shade of tan the suit is. However, here are two options that should work for you:

    Any of our solid white dress shirts with our Pink Textured Stripe Necktie. To tie it all together you could also wear the matching Pink Geometric Pocket Square.

    The second option would be our Lavender Textured Herringbone Stripe Dress Shirt and the matching Orange Plaid Necktie.

    I hope one of these options appeals to you. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to call us at 1-800-247-1417. Any of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

  23. I’m going to an outdoor wedding in New England and have chosen a blue & white seersucker suit to wear to the occasion. It has a dark blue pocket square, and I chose two ties to go with it – one dark blue and the other lighter blue. Since “hats and other bygone flourishes” are encouraged at this particular event I’ve picked out a straw trilby with a thin dark brown hatband.

    The question I have is: what color shoes should I purchase? I’ve read dozens of opinions online that say only white or brown is acceptable. But I’ve also seen a few that say solid black is ok too. Since I can’t imagine ever buying a white dress shoe, my choices are brown or black. Is one choice ‘better’ than the other?

  24. Great question, Greg!

    We feel that a medium brown shoe will be the best match for you since the straw hat you are wearing has a dark brown band. Black would work with the suit if your hat had a black band and you played off of that; however, we would stay with a brown shoe since you already set the tone with your accessory.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know!

  25. Can you make a recommendation or guidelines on socks, belt or suspenders and tie for a basic blue seer sucker suit.

  26. We would be happy to help with some recommendations! We have both the light blue Botanical Silk Suspenders or the white Italian Textured Leather Belt. For the tie, we have two options that would match back to the suit, the pink Seersucker Stripe Woven Silk Tie or the pink and blue Seersucker Stripe Woven Silk Pre-tied Bow Tie.

  27. What color shirt(s) match a bule pinstriped seersucker suit?

  28. Thank you for your question, Ron! You actually have many options that will match the blue seersucker suit. Of course, our basic white and light blue dress shirts would match; however, you could also wear a light yellow, light pink or even a light purple dress shirt as well.

    If wearing a white dress shirt, you could also wear a sweater (like our Pima cotton in either the vest or the long sleeve v-neck) in yellow or blue over the dress shirt.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at 1-800-247-1417. Any of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

  29. I have a red seersucker suite and will being wearing brown saddle shoes. I wanted to know if any other color shirts, besides white, are exceptable? Also; this will be for a wedding and was wondering if a tie or bowtie is more excepatable, along with the preferred colors? Thank you.

  30. Thanks for the questions, Jason! With a red seersucker, we would recommend either a white shirt or a light (powder) blue. Either a bow tie or standard neck tie would work. With a white shirt, a red or red and white tie would work. With a blue shirt, you could wear a blue and red tie or a blue and white tie.

  31. My brother suggested I might like this blog.

    He was entirely right. This post actually made my day.
    You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  32. Thank you, Lashawnda! We are happy to hear that you enjoyed our post.

  33. Will Paul Frederick be carrying the pink doublebreasted seersucker for the spring on 2016?

  34. Hi Jimmy! Unfortunately, we will not be offering the pink color in our seersucker suit collection this spring. The colors being offered are blue and brown. You can view them on our website by clicking here.

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