The contemporary style of functional workwear detail

Before men traded in the wild frontier for office cubicles, they wore clothing that put function over form. But just because you’re looking forward to the day when the “I” in iPhone stands for “implant” doesn’t mean you can’t show your fellow office inmates that you’re rugged enough to appreciate a weekend in the great outdoors.

Workwear consists of archetypal menswear items (jeans, field jackets, hunting jackets) that were developed for a specific purpose. Over the past couple of years these rugged items have made a big comeback into men’s wardrobes for a number of reasons. For some it was a backlash to the slick cocktail look that “Mad Men” inspired, while for others the clothing was part of a larger Americana resurgence and seemed to celebrate the strong backs that built this country brick by brick.

Our take on the whole thing, as always, has been to offer you stylish choices that blend both form and function. You’ll find our Washed Cotton Chambray Sport Shirts are both handsome in a business casual setting and tough enough for your outdoor activities. Depending on how you look at it, our denim trouser is either a dressed-up jean or a dressed-down trouser, and we gave the same workwear-inspired vibe to our chambray sport coat.

Even the most deskbound guy has a little part of his collective unconscious that wants to build things with his hands. Workwear pays tribute to the frontier spirit that lives inside all Americans.

For more on the workwear style read this article here.


  1. Americana style fashion is certainly in this season. The denim button up with the vest idea is genius, but would probably opt for a navy blue cardigan instead of the vest for the cooler months. You can never go wrong with the Levi’s Classic Long Sleeve Denim Shirt. Levi’s in general always has that old rugged American feel to their clothes.

  2. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Dave!

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