Spring 2013 Fashion Trends for Men

It’s a shame that some men are afraid of color. We certainly aren’t. And while we embrace every shade on the spectrum throughout the year, we admit to having a special soft spot for spring. Must be the timing: After being cooped up all winter, the first warm days of the year bring a sense of joy and freedom worth celebrating with colorful clothing.

Let’s start by talking shirts and ties. Now there’s nothing wrong with pairing a basic blue or white dress shirt and pairing it with a bright tie in a random color (hey, every newscaster does it). But who wants to be predictable? Try reversing the formula and choose a shirt in one of our great shades of pink, green, purple and gold, and then pick a discrete tie in a basic shade like navy, black or silver. The sophistication level goes up even more when the shirt is patterned and the tie is solid.

As usual, we’ve got every kind of collar and cuff combo you could want. And you cufflink collectors will be happy to know that French cuffs come not just on traditional solids or stripes with white contrast cuffs, but on our bolder, creative shirts as well. We’ve made it a point to offer a more diverse range of French cuff shirts than anyone else. Attention to detail is also paramount with us, and you’ll find distinctive touches such as subtle satin striping for visual texture, stylish contrasting interior fabrics, and as always a fit that’s guaranteed.

For neckwear, we’ve got innovative stripes and paisleys in bright spring colors, but we’ve also branched out with more emblematic neckties, with witty motifs involving owls and sharks. (And for a bit more subtle message, looming discretely under your jacket sleeve, check out our shark cufflinks.) We’ve also added a lot more printed options (as opposed to woven), which allows our imaginations to run wild in the design department.

While nothing beats a workhorse like worsted wool when it comes to tailored clothing, we know you count on us for things out of the ordinary. So we’ve upped our game in the fabrications department, devising multi-season fabrics such as refined linens and lightweight woolens perfect for the unpredictable weather in early spring. Double-breasted is still a big deal for us, and we’ve got it both in an understated slate blue sharkskin (pairing with shark tie and shark cufflinks is optional), and a bolder windowpane recalling the elegance of Cary Grant and the Duke of Windsor. We’re also super bullish on a new linen-and-silk sand washed suit that’s just too cool for words.

When it comes to business casual, we know you still want style along with comfort and informality. Our sport shirts come any way you like them, colorful or basic, short or long sleeve, printed or solid, and all in fine cotton, linens, and silks. Our enzyme-washed cotton pants come in fun colors of French blue, sage green, yellow and red. A cable-knit sweater vest we did in bubble-gum pink with white trim pairs great with an updated barracuda jacket in dark blue cotton chambray.

And since there should still be room for fun below the ankles, our footwear and hosiery offerings are full of surprises, like a navy blue suede oxford shoe and red polka dot socks. Spring is here, let’s get this party started.


  1. I have been a Paul Fredricks customer for years. I would venture that I have invested thousands in PF shirts and ties over that period. My signature look is white french cuffs and spread collar with a well-matched, higher quality PF tie. My needs have, until now, been well met by the PF catalog offerings. I always scanned each new PF catalog with enthusiasm, invarialably finding items of interest to purchase.

    I was always attracted to the combination of attractive solid and patterned fabrics and colors paired, in an uncanny way, with the PERFECT tie.

    PF has obviously lost the individual responsible for both fabric and tie selection. Recent choices of shirt fabric and suggested ties are less than appetizing. I am now constrained to look elsewhere to meet my dress shirt/tie needs.

  2. We value and appreciate your feedback Roy, however we are sorry to hear that you have not been happy with our recent dress shirt, tie and cufflink combinations. Our Merchandising Department has not had any changes; we have the same fantastic designers working on our collections. With each collection, we have different color offerings that are appropriate to the season, and there are some trends in the industry that get incorporated into our clothing. Recently, we have actually been trying to add more matching ties and cufflinks, due to the phenomenal feedback we received from our customers. I hope you take a second look at our new Spring Collection, as we have been receiving a lot of compliments on the colors and styles.

  3. I wish PF would carry button covers for sleeves. My husband and I cannot find them anywhere. If the shirt is not the french cuff style the button covers add the finish touch.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, Patsy! We have carried button covers in the past, so it certainly is possible that we could carry more in future collections. I will be sure to forward your comments on to our Merchandising Department for consideration.

  5. I love what PF does with it’s combo’s shirt/tie looks. I would ask if Pork Pie hats both Straw and felt/wool can be added into your collections. Would show complete outfits(Shirt/Tie/Slacks/Shoes) on the colors like Plum and some other colors that we would not deem conservative. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great quality and keeping the prices affordable!

  6. Bill, thank you for the great feedback and wonderful compliments! We will certainly forward your comments and suggestions to our Merchandising Department for consideration when creating future collections.

  7. I have been a very please PF customer and have purchased my share of fashion articles. I love the french cuff shirts but would like to see them more in brown whether solid or stripe etc. more matching accessories would help also. Keep up the good work.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your wonderful feedback, Jeff! We are delighted to hear that you have been pleased with the items you have received.

    I will be sure to pass your suggestions on to our Merchandising Department for consideration when creating future dress shirt collections.

  9. Definitely agree with the concept that creativity can be embraced by matching / contrasting both colors and patterns with suits, shirts and ties! Why not get adventurous by, for example, matching an abstract tie with a striped shirt that are on opposite sides of the color wheel!

  10. Wonderful suggestion, Rishi! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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  12. I echo the same comments as Roy F Sullivan, Ph.D. and Patsy B.

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  14. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We are happy to hear that you found our post to be helpful!

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