Summer 2013 Fashion Trends for Men

Men's Cotton & Linen Sport ShirtWith today’s high-tech lightweight wools, you can wear the same suit for most of the year and still be comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you have to look the same, as your shirts, ties and other accessories can express the changing seasons through the use of color.

And at no other time is that more fun than in summer, when all the bright shades that first dawned in spring get amped up even more, and fun fabrics like madras and seersucker take their place in the sun.

Not only does season-specific color sharpen your look, it’s also a budget-conscious way to freshen up your wardrobe, since suits and sport coats are always your biggest investments. Among our favorite hues this season is a Men's Cotton Herringbone Dress Shirtshade of light purple (or lavender if you prefer) looks terrific paired with white in striped and contrast-collar dress shirts, floral neckties, and enamel cufflinks. Along the same lines, melon and mint shirting lighten up classic suiting, paired with icy grey and green ties.

Satin looks especially elegant in summer sunlight, and we’ve used it judiciously as striping in dress shirts and for luster on neckties. And since color is nothing without pattern, we’ve added distinctive details such as contrast fabric on the inside of shirt cuffs, which you’ll surely want to show off with rolled sleeves.

These bright accessory colors work just fine with your standard charcoal and navy year-round suits, sport coats and trousers, but to embrace the season in full regalia we have a compelling lineup of lightweight summer suits. In pearl grey we have a single-breasted Wool And Silk Blend Sharkskin with peak lapels. The lining is French-faced, providing lightness as well as stylish trim on the inside, and the half-canvas construction ensures the jacket molds to your physique over time.

Men's Gingham Seersucker Soft SuitFor those who like their peak lapels double-breasted we present a Linen Blend Suit in a shade of blue reminiscent of chambray. We continue to be bullish on seersucker (your orders prove it), and seek out new ways to give it a twist, such as our Gingham Seersucker Soft Suit in light tan with patch pockets and flat-front trousers. Our vast seersucker separates section allows you to pick and choose the color and cut — single or double-breasted, plain or pleated trouser — plus options such as vest. And of course we offer seersucker in plenty of casual options, including new Multi-Colored Shorts.

In the showstopper category (our favorite, too), check out our Silk/Wool Windowpane Sport Coat in peach and blue, the Regatta Cotton Sport Coat with rep-striped silk piping, and one of our most spectacular suits ever, the Wool & Linen 3-Piece in tan pinstripe, with double-breasted vest and ticket pocket. Gatsby, your guests have arrived.Mens' Presnap Straw Fedora

Summer isn’t all work and weddings, so we’ve got plenty of casual options to suit every mood and moment. Linen sport shirts are always a priority, and we’ve got them bright, subdued, whimsical — however you want ’em. Ditto for linen pants, where you’ll surely find what’s right for you, from black linen (why not?) to seafoam green, and from plain and pleated fronts to even a drawstring waistband. Our Washed Cotton Pants & Shorts come with the same variety, including cargo pockets and daring colors such as pink. And when you need an extra layer, reach for our sweaters in pima cotton and spun silk.

One final style tip: Never underestimate the power of a straw fedora to brighten your day, as well as that of those you meet.


  1. Completely agree here that mixing and matching colors is the best way to bring life to your attire! Pastel colors are definitely making progress with men, and colors such as lavender and lilac are definitely gaining in popularity!

  2. Thank you once again for sharing your feedback with us, Rishi!

  3. My pleasure. I love reading your blog! Its very informative and presents a wide range of issues related to men’s clothing.

  4. There is also an emerging trend of “subscription sites” that let you rent or subscribe to new items in fashion – such as neckties, or menswear that you can either keep or return.

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