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Non-Iron Supima® Cotton Dress Shirts Supima

This season, we debuted our brand new Supima® cotton dress shirts. Supima® cotton is a type of Pima cotton that is grown exclusively here in the United States! It is superior to standard cotton in three ways – durability, softness, and color retention. As compared to other types of cotton, Supima® cotton is more durable and more resistant to shrinkage, pilling, ripping, and puckering along the seams. Also, Supima® cotton retains its softness in both look and feel, even after repeat washings. Due to the superiority of the fibers in Supima® cotton, the fabric better absorbs the dye and therefore its color is more brilliant and long-lasting than with garments made from other types of cotton. As an added bonus, the non-iron treatment will resist wrinkles for a neat, smart look all day long.


Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street Collar Dress Shirts

Taking a cue from some of the established British dress shirt makers, we’ve introduced a new collar style for our dress shirt and sport shirt collections. Named after the historic Jermyn Street, one of London’s oldest and most fashionable districts, the new Jermyn Street collar is similar to the Windsor spread collar, but features a slight curve to its shape as well as points that have been made slightly shorter. We’ve also adjusted the design to make it comfortable for any man to wear. The Jermyn Street collar will be preferred by the man who enjoys the English aesthetic.



Pima Cotton Sweaters 

This season, we’ve upped the ante on our already exceptional pima cotton sweater collection. Pima cotton is regarded as a superior form of cotton because it is softer and more durable than other materials; sweaters made from pima cotton are lightweight yet warmer than their competition. We’ve just added a long sleeve mock neck model to our collection, plus we’re now offering our pima cotton sweaters in additional colors due to popular demand.



Linen Separates

Linen is the quintessential Spring/Summer fabric. Thanks to its intrinsic fiber and weave properties, linen facilitates airflow between the clothing and your skin and as a result the wearer feels cool and refreshed. This is not linen’s only edge over other fabrics, however; it also a very durable fabric and is easy to care for since it is naturally stain-resistant. This Spring we’ve added some brand new colors to our mix & match linen program, and we’ve improved our linen sport shirt collection by providing you with more colors and styles from which to choose.



Non-Iron Sport Shirts 

Love our sport shirts but absolutely hate dealing with those pesky wrinkles? Starting this season, you’re in luck! You may already be familiar with our exceptional lineup of non-iron dress shirts, and now we’re adding a casual option to that same list of “must-haves.” The new non-iron sport shirts are 100% cotton and as always are offered in an extensive range of fits and sizes.


Noniron Chinos


Non-iron Chinos 

Paul Fredrick is committed to providing our customers with the best style and comfort that money can buy. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for innovations in the clothing industry that will make your life easier. Our new non-iron cotton chinos are one such innovation! Available in either pleated or flat front style, our non-iron chinos are as simple to take care of as popping them in the washer and dryer, and done. No ironing required.


  1. I am a big fan of your shirts and ties.i always try you first because your trim fit shirts are as close to my custom tailored shirts as I can find. However, Your shoe sizes start at size 8. I wear a 7 or 7 1/2 and know that there are many Paul Frederick customers with smaller shoe sizes who would love to be able to purchase your shoes. Why should I give my business to Florsheim and Bostonian and other shoe companies who carry smaller sizes when you could keep my business?

  2. We appreciate hearing your feedback, Marce! We always strive to offer our customers the best in style, comfort, fit and value. In order to maintain those principles we continually reevaluate our size offerings. Your comments have been forwarded to our Merchandising Department and we will definitely take this suggestion into consideration when creating future shoe collections.

    If you have any questions or need further assistance, please let us know.

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