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Here at Paul Fredrick, we’ve been in the business of crafting America’s finest dress shirts for over a half-century. Since we only sell direct at or via our catalog, we continue to be able to offer shirts that are priced as competitively as possible while still maintaining our rigorous quality standards.

So, why else should you invest in a Paul Fredrick dress shirt?

Superior Construction and Tailoring

The manufacturing materials we use are the best in the market, and our unique tailoring method, known as “single-needle” stitching, increases durability and reduces seam puckering. As a result of over a half-century of perfecting the art of manufacturing dress shirts, we have achieved a crisp appearance in our collars and cuffs and a very clean look overall.

High Quality Fabric

All of our dress shirts are 100% cotton and made with choice two-ply thread count, which accommodates bolder color and pattern and adds to the durability of the shirt. Our variety of durable, breathable, 100% cotton fabrics include Pinpoint Oxford Cotton, Imperial 100’s Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, and Non-Iron Pinpoint or Broadcloth Cotton. Each high-quality fabric features a different look and feel, which combined with our many color and pattern offerings makes for a rich variety of choices for our customer.


Exceptional Durability

We previously mentioned our unique “single-needle” stitching method. While the benefits are quite clear, what you may not know is that this method also makes sewing slower and thus more costly, so most other companies do not use it. We do! The durability of our shirts is further maintained through the use of the secure “lockstitch” method, which ensures that any loose threads will not affect the integrity of the shirt.

Exclusive Practical Features

Most of our dress shirts feature removable as well as embedded collar stays, which keep the points of the collar laid perfectly. Additionally, we have developed the solutions for common shirt issues: a smaller neckband button and the altered position of the sleeve buttonhole makes fastening a breeze. Second, the spacing between the neckband and the first button on the front is shorter than between the rest of the buttons to achieve a neat, clean look when wearing the shirt without a tie. Third, the shirt tail is made slightly longer to ensure the shirt can be neatly and securely tucked into one’s trousers. These features make a Paul Fredrick dress shirt an obvious choice.


Our Perfect Fit Guarantee

We offer over 50 exact neck and sleeve length combinations in 3 different fits: Regular, which is cut generously for maximum comfort, Big/Tall, which is tailored with 1¼” of additional length, and Slim Fit, which is tapered 5” more in the chest to approximately 6” more at the waist. Our customer may also choose to customize his shirt using our custom dress shirt fabrics. The customer can select his size, collar, cuff, and other style options in almost any combination he likes. Additionally, we now offer Extra Slim Fit in our custom dress shirts and starting Fall 2015 in our regular collection as well.


  1. 1100 E.Whittier Avenue, #103
    Paul Fredrick brand is a brand you can trust. Recently, I bought some shirts as I saw on Atlantis Magazine Ad Page. I wore it to a committee meeting and I felt good that people gave positive compliments of the shirt and the tie. They did not ask me where I bought it from but now that I am newly converted to Paulfredrick. com, I will be proud to refer my friends on Facebook and other social media to paul Fredrick brand that I so much cherish and have written about.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us, Emmanuel! We are delighted to hear that you are pleased with the shirts you received!

  3. I find your shirts are beautiful, but a little to pricy for a man on a fixed income. BUT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  4. Roy, we’re so glad you like our shirts! You may wish to take a look at our clearance dress shirts which will be priced lower than our in-season styles. We also periodically hold sales and promotions on our regular collection, so we encourage you to sign up for our emails to be notified of those discounts.

  5. I guess you can say I really love your dress shirts, because I’ve only got about sixty PF shirts ,Keep up the work

  6. Everett, we’re very happy to hear we hold such a prominent position in your wardrobe! We sincerely hope you are enjoying all of your Paul Fredrick shirts and that you continue to shop our site!

  7. Thank you for input, Robert!

  8. No doubt, the quality and/or durability of the shirts offered are magnanimous to say the least. Indeed, I am convinced that you guys have the best shirts on the market bar none!!!

    Also, I have made two online purchases via your website after googling quality dress shirts and I must say that have been very impressed with everything, i.e. the availability of sizes; the color options; cologne samples, etc.

    Moreover, to be perfectly honest, I was a bit skeptical about buying a shirt online without first trying it on. But, after receiving the order in the mail and trying the shirts on, they fit like a glove.😎

    That being said, I want to say thank you for all that you do for consumers like me and that I am proud to be a part of the Paul Frederick family.

  9. Michael, we are absolutely thrilled to hear you are so satisfied with your Paul Fredrick purchases! We strive to provide our customers with a wide variety of high-quality products that will work for any personal style, so we truly appreciate your compliments. Thank you for supporting us! We are very proud to have you in the family as well.

  10. I love Paul Frdrick shirts, both dress and sport. Shirts are my weakness so you have me hooked. I questioned your shipping cost at one time but now I see you are waving the cost periodically. Keep up the works.

  11. Saul, thank you for your comment. We are so pleased to hear you love our shirts! As you’ve noted, we often run deals that involve free shipping; we highly recommend you sign up for our emails to be notified about all our current promotions. We also offer everyday free shipping on any order of $195 or more!

  12. I absolutely love the the different options of Paul Fredrick dress shirts. The assortment of various colors, patterns, sleeves, collars ,etc. are second to none. There’s definitely a shirt and tie combination for any outfit or business suit that you could ever imagine. The options are endless. However, after purchasing several shirts I come to realize that there is no way to keep them from wrinkling. i tried hand washing and ironing, dry cleaning, everything that I could possibly think of and before i could get my tie tied and finished getting dressed they looked like I had slept all night in them. There’re beautiful under a sweater or vest but cannot be worn without it. I really wish you could find a solution to this problem because I would purchase several shirts a month because I really love your styles.

  13. Michael, we are very glad to hear you are pleased with our selection but are so sorry that you are experiencing this issue! Unfortunately, dress shirts do wrinkle, and certain fabrics in particular are more prone to it. We highly recommend you try our Non-Iron Dress Shirts. That should certainly resolve your problem with wrinkling!

  14. Are your Non – Iron Dress Shirts really that good? Have had NIDS before I do not believe that this really exist.

  15. I also enjoy your shirts. I may only have 17 of them. ..but always looking for more. Waiting for P F t o come out with a contrast horizontal shirt.

  16. I’m glad that I started buying Paul Fredrick dress shirts. They are quality material, stylish and wear good. If you have not tried their shirts, take my word and treat your self.

  17. I love these shirts I recently bought a whole selection of dress shirts that look great worn open collar I had lost weight and needed to upgrade my wardrobe I have had more compliments on the shirts than any ever worn in the past. The fit is fantastic long tails for taller guys they stay tucked in launder beautifully and do not need ironing if you buy the no iron shirts. I also have a couple white shirts with different collars that I wear for dress still like the old tab collar when I want to be dresses up. Keep up the good work

  18. Edward, we certainly think so! Our Non-Iron Dress Shirts are superior to those you’ve tried before because ours are wrinkle-free as opposed to wrinkle-resistant. Our manufacturer is actually the inventor of the non-iron process, and due to their high standards, the shirts must pass rigorous testing before they can be distributed. You can learn more about our non-iron here:

  19. Gary, we’re so glad to hear it! We will certainly pass your request on to our merchandising team.

  20. Glad to see I am not the only person who loves fine shirts to become addicted to P F shirts. I love the selection and promotions. I have a 37 inch sleeve so am hard to fit. P F is the only shirt maker I’ve come across that doesn’t discriminate against us hard to fit guys. I have had access to 90% of the styles. Thank you!

  21. David S.Johnson

    May 9, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    I enjoy everything that I have gotten from Paul Fredrick and love it!!!!!!

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