Decoding Dress Shirt Fabrics

Paul Fredrick offers a wide variety of colors and patterns in all 100% cotton fabrics. These include Pinpoint Oxford Cotton, Broadcloth Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Non-Iron Pinpoint Cotton, Non-Iron Broadcloth Cotton, and Italian Cotton. You can select the fabric of your choice from the refinements on the left side of our dress shirts page.


Imperial 100’s Cotton and Long Staple Cotton are types of luxury Broadcloth yarns with exceptional softness and durability. These fabrics are a type of broadcloth and are tightly woven so that they have minimal texture as well as a slight sheen.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton3031_W is our finest, most luxurious yarn. Also a broadcloth fabric, its higher thread count and resulting closeness of weave give it a remarkable luster.

Both Imperial 100’s Cotton and Egyptian Cotton are generally thinner and lighter than other types of material. Broadcloth’s slight sheen and smooth finish makes it a dressier option, so it’s best suited for more formal situations.

For all dress shirts, the higher the thread count, the softer and finer the fabric will be, and it will also be thinner and lighter weight.

pinpointPinpoint Oxford Cotton

Pinpoint Oxford Cotton, sometimes known simply as Pinpoint, has a subtle basket-weave texture and a lustrous finish. Pinpoint has a slightly less dressy appearance than broadcloth fabrics, and is also slightly thicker and heavier in weight.


Our Non-Iron collection includes both Non-Iron Pinpoint 100% Cotton and Non-Iron Broadcloth 100% Cotton fabrics; refer to the descriptions of those fabrics for more information on their look and feel.

supimaWe also have a collection of Non-Iron Supima 100% Cotton fabric. Supima Cotton is a luxury, trademarked fabric that refers to Cotton grown exclusively in the United States. Supima Cotton, the cashmere of cottons, is stronger, softer and more brilliant white than any other in the world. With the added wrinkle-free benefits, this fabric proves that luxury can indeed be a valuable investment.

The non-iron process still leaves the shirt feeling soft but adds the extra benefit of making the shirt pucker- and wrinkle-free. This treatment also helps prevent shrinkage and resists the pilling of fibers, and generally contributes to the easy care nature of the shirt. Non-iron dress shirts are ideal for traveling because they won’t get wrinkled in your bag.


Consult our post How to Care For and Store Your Dress Shirts for more information.


  1. This would be much more helpful with photo illustrations of the fabric. Its hard to go from a description to a view in my mind’s eye.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, EN. We will certainly take this into consideration when posting future blogs.

  3. Would be nice if the white collars where more resistant to body oils and dirty look so quickly. Can a fabric be used to be more resistant to “ring around the collar” look. Wear once and I see dark smudge where the collar stays are. Needs to be more resistant to dirt.

  4. As a frequent purchaser of PF shirts and other fine clothing I also plead no logo on shirts.

  5. Chuck, we are very sorry to hear you have been experiencing this issue. We will certainly pass your suggestion onto our merchandising team! You may also be interested to know that for Fall 2017, we’re offering some of our basic white dress shirts with stain-resistant technology and UV protection throughout. For now, you may find our “Dress Shirt Hacks” series helpful.

  6. Just ordered some shirts from y’all for the first time. Anxiously awaiting the arrival now.

  7. Welcome to Paul Fredrick, Carl. We sincerely hope you enjoy your new shirts!

  8. These description don’t help distinguish which shirt looks most shiny. In fact, these descriptions sound like an attempt to say nearly the same thing rather than to differentiate one from the other. Unhelpful and disrespecting of my time spent shopping to learn what I might get as a customer. Send me one of each in white and I’ll give you great descriptions!

    slight sheen
    Egyptian Cotton
    remarkable luster
    Pinpoint Oxford cotton
    lustrous finish
    and more brilliant white than any other in their world
    Italian Cotton
    [to make] the color shine

  9. If you dry clean a shirt that said do not dry clean what damage could happen to the shirt.

  10. Thank you for your question, Joe. If you dry clean a shirt that says “do not dry clean,” it will break down the finish and weaken the fabric. For example, if you dry clean one of our non-iron shirts, which are treated to keep the fabric from wrinkling, the chemicals from the dry cleaning solution will take the finish off the shirt and it will effectively no longer be wrinkle free.

  11. Steve, we are so sorry to hear you haven’t found this post helpful. Since all of our fabrics are 100% high quality cotton there are only very subtle differences in the fabric that can be difficult to capture in photography. We are currently working hard to improve our descriptions of these different fabrics, and we hope to have those up on our site soon!

  12. More varsity spread collars please, especially in French blue.

  13. We’ll certainly pass your suggestion onto our team! In the meantime, here are our current offerings:

  14. Dear Allie,
    Many years ago I purchased a dress shirt made by Dockers….they know longer
    make their shirts with this material…..It never wrinkles and looks great all the
    time…people will actually ask if I ironed it….
    The shirts were made with …. 52% Rayon, 48% Polyester …..
    This is by far the greatest combo I have ever run across, I still am wearing them.
    Is there any chance you could investigate possibly making this combo….
    Thanks Very Much

  15. Hello Thomas! We will certainly pass your message on to our design team.

  16. I do not see a description of the “PURE COTTON” used in your promotional shirts. Can you provide a more detailed information on this material? Also, do the promotional shirts feature the open collar-stay pockets (so I can choose whether or not to use a set of collar-stays)?

  17. Hello Brian! Our current introductory offer shirt is the Non-Iron Cotton Pinpoint Oxford. All of our collar stays are removable; however, our non-iron shirts do not have the embedded collar stay feature at the tips because of the dipping process.

  18. Allie, Thank you for the explanation. I apologize for the confusion on my part but you said the collar stays were removable but then said they do not have the embedded color stay feature at the tips – do the collars have the slim pockets sewn in for placing external collar stays?

  19. Yes, they do have pockets for the removable collar stays, which are included. I hope this answers your question!

  20. Ron Davis (Retired Law Enforcement)

    October 15, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    I am a first time customer and ordered 2 dress shirts.I can not tell you how extremely pleased I am with the quality and appearance of the shirts.I quickly passed this on to my Corporate position Son.
    Your receiving person on phone call was superb,polite,and very professional.
    I assure you more orders will come from me,family,and friends.

  21. Ron, we are so glad to hear you were pleased with your order. Thank you for the kind words, and we look forward to serving you again!

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