Introducing Extra Slim Fit


Great news! Premiering Fall 2015, Extra Slim Fit will be offered in our regular dress shirt collection in several Basic and Fashion styles.

If you’re seeking the slimmer, streamlined silhouette that is particularly on trend at the moment, this dress shirt fit will help you to achieve that look.

What’s the Difference?

Our Regular Fit is our roomiest fit, and is cut generously for maximum comfort; our Big & Tall Fit is designed for those who need a longer sleeve length or larger collar size, and features a 1¼” longer body than our Regular Fit.

Our Slim Fit offers a more close-fitting model than our Regular sizing; in comparison to our Regular Fit measurements, it is 4″ narrower in the chest and 6″ narrower at the waist.

Our Slimmest Fit Yet

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You may have already tried our Slim Fit Dress Shirts but found them not as slim-fitting as desired. New Extra Slim Fit is a further 3″ narrower in the chest and 2″ narrower at the waist. If you’re referencing the measurements for Regular Fit, Extra Slim Fit is 7″ narrower in the chest and 8″ narrower at the waist. It also features a 1 3/8″ shorter body than Regular and Slim Fit.

Furthermore, we’ve designed our Extra Slim Fit with a few special features. This fit features 2 back darts that will provide the shirt with enhanced shape; it will also be made sans pocket to maintain its sleek look. Try this fit with the neat Jermyn Street collar for a dashing, modern look.


If you’re a fan of our Slim Fit Dress Shirts and are curious about our new Extra Slim Fit, check out our collection now. And remember – we guarantee a perfect fit!


  1. Extra trim fit – great! I checked “non iron button down E. trim fit ” found one white shirt available. Are you going to have a bigger selection?

  2. Thank you for your question, David! The extra trim fit is a new item for us and we will slowly be introducing it into our dress shirt collections. We will have a few new styles available with our upcoming Holiday Collection, available online at the end of September.

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