Fall Color Combinations

As with any season, Fall has its very own color scheme. In Summer, bright, sunny colors share the stage with pastels; in Fall, the trend leans toward deeper colors and rich jewel tones. We’re going to let you in on our very favorite color combinations for Fall, and furthermore, how you can create an outfit around these colors.


Plum and Gold

Plum is described as a derivative of purple, the color of royalty. This is one of the richest colors on the Fall palette and therefore it seems only fitting that it should be paired with gold. Deep tones like plum, burgundy, and brown are indeed a perfect match for the season. Pair plum with gold for special occasions and situations leaning towards formal. Pairing plum and tan is more than suitable for the everyday. Other colors that work well with plum are navy, charcoal, burnt orange, and of course, classic white.




Lavender and Tan

Lavender is a second iteration of purple that is very on trend for Fall. This color is quite pleasing to the eye and is often associated with elegance and refinement. Lavender and tan is a popular Fall color combination, and as a pairing, is conservative enough to be worn nearly anywhere. Lavender can also be paired with white, grey, navy, or darker shades of purple. Complementing lavender with black or charcoal pants is another easy way to wear this color at the office.



Blue and Orange

For those who embrace color, blue and orange is an exciting trend for Fall. Matching royal blue or turquoise and burnt orange – another wonderful seasonal color – results in an electric combination. Navy blue and burnt orange is a similar, though more conservative, version of this look. Blue and orange are complementary colors and therefore work together beautifully. However, since orange can clash, we recommend wearing blue and accenting with orange. For example, match a navy suit with a dress shirt featuring orange patterning. Brown pants are also a perfect pairing for this combination.




Here are a few of our other top Fall combinations.


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