Paul Fredrick Designer Spring Picks

Ever wonder what they were thinking? Check out what our design team’s personal favorites are for Spring.








  1. I have purchased the introductory white shirts offer from Paul Fredrick a number of times over the years – these shirts were a great value and was a great introduction to Paul Fredrick. The last time I purchased the introductory white shirts, there was an IMMEDIATELY NOTICEABLE drop in the quality of the shirt, namely in the collar. The intro shirts now have a single ply of fabric, rendering the collar flimsy and cheap looking. In fact, when I compare the new shirt to an older shirt I previously purchased, it no longer says “2-ply”. What happened Paul Fredrick? This is not the image you want to portray as an introduction to the company. Please reconsider reverting back to the previously high quality introductory shirt. Thanks.

  2. Hi Stephen. It looks like you have purchased both the regular cotton and non-iron cotton fabrics. Both fabrics are indeed 2-ply pinpoint; you can find this information written in the label. While there may be a very slight handfeel difference in the collar of a regular cotton shirt versus non-iron, the interlining has remained the same and is still 2-ply.

    Please also note that our introductory offer is intended only for first-time purchasers of Paul Fredrick. If you looking for a lower price on our basic dress shirts, we recommend you browse our Warehouse Sale (running now) and keep a close eye out for our Semi-Annual Sales and seasonal basic events!

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