Absolute Must-Haves from Our New Collection

Whether you’re on the hunt for giftables this Holiday season or simply looking to add a few new styles to your own wardrobe, we’ve got 5 new and exciting must-try styles just for you!

Brand new to our permanent collection as of Fall 2017, The Impeccable Shirt™ is a truly innovative non-iron dress shirt. Find out more information about its exclusive features here.


Ties are an integral part of any business look. Choose from a variety of beautiful seasonal colors and bold, sophisticated patterns to complete any outfit. Plus, scroll down on any dress shirt page and take our Tie & Cufflink Matching Tool for a spin to find out how to create the perfect pairing!


Our Non-Iron Dress Shirts are the ultimate in easy wear, easy care. Plus, with over 200 new styles this season, you’re bound to find several that catch your fancy. Discover a few of our favorite colors from our newest collection here.

Too often neglected, Shoes are truly the finishing touch to a look. Step out in style with a Holiday ‘17 design in whatever type you’re looking for. From boots to monk straps, it’s safe to say this collection has something for everyone to love.


Brushed Flannel is a soft, warm fabric that is surely a cold-weather staple. You’ll find it in a range of patterns and seasonal colors, perfect for keeping you looking and feeling great during even the chilliest days of the year.

Let us know which other styles you think should be added to our list!


  1. Barry Teasley

    April 8, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    I think all your customers should be aware that you have significantly shortened your definition of “long” as a tie size. I have purchased and worn PF ties for years, always pleased with the quality, which has not changed. However for the last few years I have always ordered “long” as it just looks better with a back side length that can be tucked inside the keeper with a full windsor knot. My previous “long” ties have been around 66″ long. I just received 3 “long” ties from the new collection that all measure 61.5″, a full 4.5″ shorter than before. My older regular length ties measure approx 60.5″ , so the new “long” is only 1 inch longer than the old “regular.” since there is supposedly a 5″ difference, this must mean the new “regular” length is only 56.5″. I called customer service and the new length does fall within the current definition of “long” I can only conclude that the sizes have been redefined. I suppose this is a cost saving measure by the company, but those of us who preferred the older “long” length will have to adjust how we tie them. Anyone who orders a new “regular” who is over 6 feet tall will be unable to use the product. I think most customers would prefer the price go up a bit than to wear a tie that looks skimpy

  2. Thank you for contacting us with your feedback. Our long ties measure 62”-63”, with regular ties falling between 57”-58”. These lengths have been standard for many years and have not changed recently. If you find that the length does not work for you, please contact a member of our Customer Service team. We would be happy to accept the ties back for refund or exchange for other items.

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