Author: wilson

7 Reasons Why You Should Enter Our ‘Paul’s Pick’ Photo Contest

This year, we’re turning the spotlight on you with a special contest to commemorate our stylish fans – Paul’s Pick.  Running from May 29 – June 25th, this contest is designed especially for Paul Fredrick fans who want to show off their favorite designer look, and maybe take home a little something-something for their efforts.

If you’re not totally on board to enter Paul’s Pick just yet, don’t worry. We have seven reasons why you should take a shot and get in the game:


Reason #1 – The Prize

Need something to really entice you to enter? How does a $500 gift card to sound? That’s right – the lucky winner of this contest gets… Continue>>

How to Buy a Suit Online

Buying suits online can be tricky. The very real possibility of ordering a suit from a website only to discover upon receipt that it is not the quality, style or fit you expected is an understandable concern. It is also easier than you think to get exactly what you want.

Knowing what you want – style and fabric as well as a baseline price you are willing to pay – is half the battle. The other half is as simple as getting your measurements right. Quickly reviewing the return policy is a smart safety measure too.

So, if you know what you want and your measurements, congrats! But if not, know you’re in good company and read on… Continue>>