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Learn about our thoughtfully crafted collection of classic menswear, updated for today. Our value advisor posts will explore in depth our quality dress shirts, dress clothes & business attire.

The contemporary style of functional workwear detail

Before men traded in the wild frontier for office cubicles, they wore clothing that put function over form. But just because you’re looking forward to the day when the “I” in iPhone stands for “implant” doesn’t mean you can’t show your fellow office inmates that you’re rugged enough to appreciate a weekend in the great outdoors.

Workwear consists of archetypal menswear items (jeans, field jackets, hunting jackets) that were developed for a specific purpose. Over the past couple of years these rugged items have made a big comeback into men’s wardrobes for a number of reasons. For some it was a backlash to the slick cocktail look that “Mad Men” inspired, while for others the clothing… Continue>>

What Makes a Non-Iron Shirt Wrinkle Free?

In our technologically accelerated age, bombarded with endless emails and text messages that seem to demand instant response, it’s nice that to know that technology has also saved us precious minutes through the invention of non-iron shirts. Mornings are rushed enough without having to open an ironing board. Do you really have the time to iron a shirt? And sending shirts to the cleaners costs money, in addition to being yet one more errand to run.

Non-iron dress shirts have become our biggest dress shirt category, so we thought we’d tell you a bit more about what makes them special (not to mention wildly popular). Great prices and a fit guarantee you likely already… Continue>>

What To Look For In A Quality Dress Shirt

Like all men’s clothing, a great dress shirt combines quality fabric with quality construction. The result is longevity and a luxuriousness you can feel on your torso and that others can see when they look at you. And the icing on the cake is traditional styling with a contemporary sensibility.

Now that’s a shirt that makes you want to take your coat off.

Putting it all together is our specialty, as we’re the go-to dress shirt resource for most of our customers and their quality expectation is high. Fortunately so is ours. “Because we’re a private label, you’re paying for a shirt’s… Continue>>

Luxury Matters

But what do we mean when we say “luxury,” and how do we make it affordable?

Luxury really comes down to two of the most fundamental aspects of clothing: fabric and construction.

Fabrics are luxurious when they have a great “hand,” meaning how they feel when you run your fingers across them. We’re not just talking about mere softness here, but a richness of texture. This luxuriousness to the touch is also registered visually as well: Great fabrics simply look better to the eye.

You’ll find abundant luxury in our collection’s top-of-the-line items, like our suits and trousers made of wool from… Continue>>

Why Wool Suits and Wool Trousers are Right for You

PA1559L_241X241Wool suits and wool trousers made from 100% wool have been favored by consumers and apparel makers alike for years and years. Here’s why:

A natural fiber, wool comes in many different weights and thicknesses allowing you to wear it year-round. With small gaps of air in its fibers, wool controls the climate you wear it in. It breathes, which synthetic fibers can’t do. Because of this, wool is not only comfortable on the skin, but it’s also odor-free. And to top it off, wool is easy to care for. Creases hold well, even on lightweight wools worn during the summer… Continue>>

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