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Spring 2013 Fashion Trends for Men

It’s a shame that some men are afraid of color. We certainly aren’t. And while we embrace every shade on the spectrum throughout the year, we admit to having a special soft spot for spring. Must be the timing: After being cooped up all winter, the first warm days of the year bring a sense of joy and freedom worth celebrating with colorful clothing.

Let’s start by talking shirts and ties. Now there’s nothing wrong with pairing a basic blue or white dress shirt and pairing it with a bright tie in a random color (hey, every newscaster does it). But who wants to be predictable? Try reversing the formula and… Continue>>

What to Wear Spring ’12 – Men’s Dress Shirts

The Inspirational Dress Shirt: Talking Shop With Our Resident Expert, Michael Contreras.

 Jill Smith: Given the fact that you are thinking about a new collection almost a year ahead of time, what provides inspiration for your new dress shirt assortment?

Michael: Every dress shirt developed for the collection is primarily inspired by a combination of history and trend.  History is all about what customers really liked the previous year. So since we’re talking about Spring 2012 today, I looked at what our guy was loving in Spring 2011 and isolated the elements that made them so overwhelmingly appealing. I then

Tips on Matching Cufflinks

So-called ‘man jewelry’ can totally be a hard thing to pull off. When it comes to cufflinks, however, we can’t understand the purists who decry cufflinks as too ostentatious and showy. In their opinion, we should just leave the precious stones and metals to the fairer sex. But we say that’s outdated thinking!

Cufflinks can be both polished and trendy; there’s a way to dress them up for formal events, as well as dress them down for stylish, business casual wear. In fact, we’re so sure of cufflinks universal appeal, we challenge you to make a statement pair of ‘links your own style trademark.

Even the most somber weekday uniform (picture: grey suit and crisp, white French cuff shirt) can be switched up daily with a new pair… Continue>>

How Accessories Make a Difference

Style icons were often known for one or two distinguishing details. It’s funny, but the smallest items often pack the biggest personality punch. Put 10 stylish guys in the same simple gray suit and they’ll all manage to make it different. And often the way they do it is with accessories.

Perhaps because these items are small (a fountain pen worn in the breast pocket), sentimental (a watch that belonged to your grandfather), or transforming (a killer pair of sunglasses), accessories are often the most cherished things we wear.

The best dressed men know that style comes down to details, and they relish choosing the little things that mean a lot. Here are… Continue>>

French Cuffs or Button Cuffs?

What do French cuff dress shirts say about a man? Perhaps that he’s detail oriented. Or maybe that he has an advanced sense of style.

But because French cuffs — and the cufflinks that they hold — are considered more formal than simple button cuff dress shirts, they most likely indicate that the man has power — or craves it. It’s no surprise that when Bud Fox starts dressing more like zillionaire Gordon Gekko in 1987’s “Wall Street,” he starts wearing French-cuffed shirts along with more authoritative double-breasted suits.

Part of the extra formality of cufflinks comes from their… Continue>>

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