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Dress Shirt Trends for Fall ‘16

Here at Paul Fredrick we always do our best to provide you, our customer, with the latest developments in the menswear world in the classic, timeless style we’re known for. Those developments have included everything from technological advancements in non-iron to the introduction of new fits and features in our dress shirts and much more. The following are a few trends that we predict are going to be very popular for Fall 2016.


Horizontal Stripes

DML082FWhile vertical stripes in their various forms have been in fashion for a very long time, horizontal stripes just recently made their debut. We’ve seen great success with this design since we began offering it in dress shirts, and we’re trying it out in other… Continue>>

French Cuffs or Button Cuffs?

What do French cuff dress shirts say about a man? Perhaps that he’s detail oriented. Or maybe that he has an advanced sense of style.

But because French cuffs — and the cufflinks that they hold — are considered more formal than simple button cuff dress shirts, they most likely indicate that the man has power — or craves it. It’s no surprise that when Bud Fox starts dressing more like zillionaire Gordon Gekko in 1987’s “Wall Street,” he starts wearing French-cuffed shirts along with more authoritative double-breasted suits.

Part of the extra formality of cufflinks comes from their… Continue>>