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The Primary Color Advantage in Men’s Clothing

Red, white and blue might sound like a comical combination when it comes to menswear. The colors of our nation’s flag are most associated with Uncle Sam, the Fourth of July and the patriotic but hardly stylish costumes that come with public celebrations.

But there’s a reason these three colors were chosen for our flag (not to mention a lot of other nation’s flags), and that’s because they look great together.

And men wear the colors together a lot more often than you’d think. For starters, a navy blazer or suit, white shirt and red tie is a favorite combination of… Continue>>

How To Match A Pocket Square

When your suit is on, your shirt buttoned, your tie knotted, and you’re ready for the finishing touch of a pocket square, you may feel a little confused about how to coordinate.

First off, congratulations for choosing to wear a pocket square at all! Many men — the kind who wear suits every night on television in front of millions of viewers, for example — usually forego this distinguishing detail.

But those who do… Continue>>

Tips on Matching Cufflinks

So-called ‘man jewelry’ can totally be a hard thing to pull off. When it comes to cufflinks, however, we can’t understand the purists who decry cufflinks as too ostentatious and showy. In their opinion, we should just leave the precious stones and metals to the fairer sex. But we say that’s outdated thinking!

Cufflinks can be both polished and trendy; there’s a way to dress them up for formal events, as well as dress them down for stylish, business casual wear. In fact, we’re so sure of cufflinks universal appeal, we challenge you to make a statement pair of ‘links your own style trademark.

Even the most somber weekday uniform (picture: grey suit and crisp, white French cuff shirt) can be switched up daily with a new pair… Continue>>

All About Seersucker Suits

With the sweltering summer months practically knocking down the door and all those formal summertime events ahead, you may be experiencing that familiar feeling of dread. “What can I possibly wear in the heat,” You cry, “Without sacrificing my appearance or experiencing a heat stroke?” Enter: The seersucker suit.

Don’t let the name fool you – this piece isn’t quit as flamboyant and ‘out there’ as it sounds! When it comes to summer-ready suits, this bad boy is as classic as it gets.


What is Seersucker, Anyways?

Crated using a unique cotton with a woven puckered appearance, seersucker fabric often features vertical pinstripes. It is lightweight and breathable enough to wear in the hot, hot heat. The puckering allows for better air circulation while you wear… Continue>>

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