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All About Seersucker Suits

With the sweltering summer months practically knocking down the door and all those formal summertime events ahead, you may be experiencing that familiar feeling of dread. “What can I possibly wear in the heat,” You cry, “Without sacrificing my appearance or experiencing a heat stroke?” Enter: The seersucker suit.

Don’t let the name fool you – this piece isn’t quit as flamboyant and ‘out there’ as it sounds! When it comes to summer-ready suits, this bad boy is as classic as it gets.


What is Seersucker, Anyways?

Crated using a unique cotton with a woven puckered appearance, seersucker fabric often features vertical pinstripes. It is lightweight and breathable enough to wear in the hot, hot heat. The puckering allows for better air circulation while you wear… Continue>>

Men’s Spring Apparel – Classic & Stylish

What does “tradition with a twist” mean?

We’ve said it before: Great style has something of the moment and something that’s timeless. This is reflected in all Paul Fredrick clothing, and bears repeating. We carefully merchandise each season’s collection to give you the widest possible range of choice to find your own style, with a discerning eye for apparel that is timely without being trendy.

Our clothes have a relevancy that will give you the confidence of being “on the ball,” but without a six-month expiration date that starts ticking the moment you open the package. And with our fit guarantee and quality standard, everything you choose can be worn for years to come.

So… Continue>>

Selecting Your Suit Fabric

When it comes to suiting fabrics, it’s easy to think of wool at one end of a spectrum and cotton at the other. In this line of thinking, wool is only for fall and winter (except for those dullards who think wool is the only fabric appropriate for business and sweat in it all through July and August), and cotton is only for summer.

In fact this couldn’t be more untrue, as the type of fabric is meaningless until you qualify it with weight and weave.

So heavyweight cottons like corduroy, cavalry twill and moleskin are actually cold-weather fabrics, while wool can come in weights as low as five ounces and… Continue>>

Spring 11 Apparel Trends at Paul Fredrick

Oxford Weave BlazerThey say in spring a man’s thoughts turn to love — and baseball. But at Paul Fredrick our mind is always on one thing: bringing you an inspiring selection of fine clothing.

The first touch of autumn brings the excitement of unpacking textured tweeds and rich woolens. But just as pleasant is putting them back into hibernation and breaking out the light colors and crisp fabrics of your warm-weather wardrobe, which you greet like old friends back from a long trip.

This year we’ve got plenty of new friends for you as well, with a freshness and relevance that’s right on target and with quality and style that will last for years… Continue>>

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